Make sure your fasteners are Accurate!

Shutting down production for even a moment is too long.  Never let a dime hold up a dollar for your business.  Stick with Accurate Stainless Fasteners.

Some areas of our expertise

Animal Watering Equipment

Stainless steel, brass and specialty screws

Medical Equipment

Stainless steel fasteners and set screws

Swimming Pool Covers

Stainless wedge anchors, concrete screws and water resistant bolts with neoprene washers


Stainless steel, aluminum with 205 finish, silicon bronze & Bellevilles

Chemical Plants

18-8(304), Monel, Metric and more!

Fishing Equipment Manufacturers

Machine screws, nuts, flat washers including special sizes, hex head cap screws (18-8 & T-316) and more!

Lightning Protection

Stainless steel U bolts and lags

Wooden Boat Repair & Manufacturing

Brass, stainless steel & specialty fasteners for marine environments

Wind Power Farms

Stainless steel or brass for extreme environments

Fence Industry

Type 17, deep threaded & stainless steel

Pontoon Industry

Stainless steel for marine applications

Sports Field Lighting

Stainless steel and nylon for water resistance

Electrical Transformers

Stainless steel, brass fasteners and Bellevilles

Sewage Treatment

Stainless steel chain and bolts

Semi Trailers

Stainless steel fasteners for corrosion resistance

Pump Repair

T-316, Monel, Hastelloy C276 and more!
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